Co-packing - Etykietowanie produktów - Łódź - Gliwice / Śląsk - Rozliczanie zwrotów ze sklepów i magazynów

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Product packaging, or rather its general appearance, colours, and shape often determine the customers’ choice. Co-packing services are all the activities undertaken with the aim of encouraging potential Clients to buy a given product by attracting them to the packaging and information which is presented on it.

Our services in this scope include a variety of possibilities: forming promotional sets, re-packing products, labelling, inserts, and all other manual tasks related to packaging. Moreover, we offer such extra services as design and print of thermal-transfer labels of any size and personalisation of printed materials and gadgets.

Labelling products

We specialize in manual labelling of products in both small and big batches. For this service, Clients can provide ready-to-use labels, or our company may design and print labels in sizes chosen by the Client.

Thanks to our wide experience in that field, we can offer reasonable prices and keep the high standard of labelling. What is more, manual labelling enables us to choose any part of the product that we wish to label and guarantees great precision of the process. As a part of our services we assist in designing and production of collective packages as well as prepare pallets as required. Our services of warehousing, labelling and distribution of pallets are a comprehensive solution for many businesses.