Logistyczna obsługa ecommerce - Usługi logistyczne i magazynowanie dla sklepu internetowego

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As a result of dynamic development of e-commerce, more and more traditional commercial networks expand their activity and start selling products via the Internet. An online store operates in a different way than a traditional one and it requires implementation of individual solutions, also those related to logistics. Warehousing goods, as well as completion and shipment of orders to the Clients, require a well-organised process to minimize the shipment time and cost.

As part of our “e-commerce logistics” service, we offer solutions which are suited to the challenges of the online trade. A carefully designed process of dealing with your products, adjusted to the specific character of your industry and the needs of recipients, is a key to meeting the established targets.

Our method of operation and the software which we use allow us to provide services to Clients with various volume of offer and shipments. Financial settlements related to the volume of warehoused goods, number of deliveries per day, and the advancement level of processes and operations are based on reporting of the services – we collaborate with the companies which are only just entering the e-commerce market, as well as with those who have been there for a long time, and thanks to outsourcing of logistic processes they can focus on marketing and sales operations.