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There is a number of additional services that go together with warehousing and distribution, including packaging, repackaging, shrink-wrapping and combining products into sets. We have a well-sized storage space, so we can handle large quantities of goods, including full truckload (FTL) and container shipments. For further information regarding our services, please contact us.

Repackaging of products

As a part of our services, we re-pack products from unit into collective packages and the other way round. We can also fill various kinds of display units with goods as requested. If needed, we will add leaflets or other promotional materials to the products and then we pack them into their primary packaging or into reusable and returnable packaging.


We use polyolefin shrink to wrap the product. We can also assemble sets of products and shrink-wrap them. The size and weight of such sets may vary, so we select the appropriate kind of shrink-wrap together with the Client. Shrink-wrapping is often used to secure products from damage or from unauthorized use.

Packaging into shrink-wrapped sets

Packaging takes place in a shrink tunnel on a semi-automated packaging line. With shrink-wrapped sets, there is no need to use carton packaging and, at the same time, they can be safely palletized for further transport. Examples of shrink-wrapped sets of a pre-defined number of unit packages include e.g. 6 beverage bottles, trays with products in glass packages or cans and many other combinations. In the tunnel we use LDPE shrink.


We package several single products into kits/sets as required. We can place your kits in plastic bags and collective carton packages or band them with printed tape. As a part of this service, we can also participate in the process of designing and ordering your packaging. We have heat sealers, thanks to which we can assemble simple kits of several components that can be all packed into one plastic bag. This service is often used for adding complimentary products to magazines or creating sealed sets which are prevented from unauthorized opening.