Logistyka POSM - Magazynowanie i dystrybucja materiałów reklamowych

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Point-of-sale materials are a very important element of marketing. Scattered branches of your company and its agents or representatives need all-day support in the scope of providing necessary documents, application forms, contracts and promotional gifts. The way in which your POSM logistics is organised significantly influences the level of your sales and the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Outsourcing of POSM logistics involves warehousing and completion and shipment of the materials in accordance with your employees’ orders. An order for delivery of POSM is processed on the very same day it is placed, so that on the next day the courier can deliver the package to the required address, whether it is your office, a hotel, a petrol station or an airport, just anywhere you need it.

Thanks to delegating the activities related to POSM logistics, your employees are much more flexible, so they are more effective in what they do.

As part of POSM logistics, we offer you the services of personalisation of printed materials and promotional gifts,  controlled disposal of outdated materials, and a series of co-packing services for marketing campaigns.