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Warehouse logistics comprises such processes as unloading and reception of goods, marking of logistic units, locating products in the warehouse with full identification of location, zone warehousing (short- and long-term, oversize products), completion and packing of orders, attaching necessary documents, securing goods for transportation, releasing goods to the carrier and processing the returns. We will be happy to provide any other services related to warehouse management which you may need.

In order to effectively manage a warehouse, modern solutions are needed to support all the processes. We use special WMS software dedicated to management of high-storage warehouses. Our Clients are given online access (via a web browser) to the platform in which they can view the stage of completion of their orders, history of warehouse operations, and the inventory of their goods in our warehouses.

We guarantee an individual approach to our cooperation, suited to the character of your business. Moreover, we will be willing to assist you in planning all the processes related to warehouse management.